Reawakening The Master Within.

We are here now in these exciting times of change and planetary evolution, and all around us things are changing on all different levels. Our human lives are evolving and we are starting to see possibilities and options for our lives that we have not considered before.

The energies that the Earth are now bathed in, allow us to see our own infinite potential and to allow us the options to dream and manifest what we would want our hearts to create . Infinite possibilities exist, and we are starting to allow ourĀ  hearts to lead us forward on our future paths. Within each one of us is an infinite being, a infinite source of love,light and pure oneness. We are evolving hour by hour,day by day, never stopping even if we are not consciously aware of it, it is still happening.

No matter were you are on your spiritual pathway, evolution is here for all, its up to us as individuals to trust and allow this evolution to take place, no matter how scary or unsure we are about the changes we feel we need to make . Our infinite soul knows our own infinite potential and presence and will always attract and allow experiences to come to us, to show us this very fact .

Trust and allow these experiences to show you greater understanding and to allow you to experience your at times, untapped power and wisdom and knowledge. For in times of great pain, and emotional experience, we found out how strong and resilient and powerful we truly are. What is so important is that we allow and accept our human responses and emotions, that is part of our journey here to experience human physicality and to enjoy the experiences that this brings .

All human experience is positive, as experience in any form is better than no experience at all, and that is why you are here incarnated at this time to EXPERIENCE. All of the souls here on Earth now, came to experience the human life, some will decide not to undertake the Ascension pathway, and some will, its all down to their own individual soul choice .. There is not a wrong or right way, its just a choice and we all are allowed the space to decide for ourselves from an higher self perspective.

Sometimes we have to make choices and decisions that might appear confusing to others and make no logical sense, listening to and following your heart is the true path of a master, even when others in our lives can appear hurt or try and impose their own fears onto us. and maybe try and dissuade us or try to stop us.

The Path of a master, shows others an example, inspires others to do the same, show others its safe to follow your heart, shows others its wise to follow your heart. Its taking responsibility for all the experiences you bring to you, its allowing lessons and being grateful for them. its wanting to contribute and serve humanity and to assist others to see their own light and power and potential. Its the state of being in complete oneness and feeling completely safe andĀ  surrendering to your divine will and purpose. Many of us are walking this pathway, remember we have been conditioned and told that we have no power, that we can’t make a difference,that we are small and inconsequential, those times are now ending and we must strive to break out of this human conditioning and patterning here to enslave, and control humanity.

We all agreed to come here and to bring our own unique gifts, abilities and soul frequencies to Earth to assist in the ascension process . Be proud that you are here and be proud that you are awakening and allow yourself to surrender to your purpose and divine pathway.

Set the Intention that you want to serve, that you want to align fully with your soul purpose and truth, set the intention to bring forth your own unique soul frequencies and wisdom. Ask to be shown the path, ask for help to fully align with your purpose and truth. Ask for people to guide you and assist you forward. all you have to do is ask and it will be delivered. Know that it is your divine right to ask for help and assistance, that in truth you are part of the ascension team here on Earth now and that we all have an important role to play and each one of us in turn helps to create the new Earth that we are creating .

Know that you are a Master of Light, know that you are a divine spark of the creator, know that you are peace, know that you are divine love , know that you are infinite .

Lynn Morris – Evolution Of Self.Path-of-Ascension

Living & Embracing Your Inner POWER